Friday, October 30, 2009

November 3rd Little Red Box Game!!!

Come and Support the Heritage School!!! Heritage is a residential psychiatric treatment facility for teenagers located in Provo. They treat 150 boys and girls ages 12 to 18 who have at least one diagnosed mental illness and often drug and alcohol problems as well. Heritage is a non-profit organization.

Through their unique programs of therapy, chemical dependency, medication management, therapeutic recreation, Scouting, pet therapy, equestrian center, academics, and involvement in dramatic productions, they can take “throw away kids” and assist them to become successful, productive members of society who have confidence and hope for the future.

Christmas can be a tough time for their employees. With the help of volunteers they put together gift packs for struggling employees and their families to open Christmas morning. One of the ways they are earning money this year is through their annual boutique. This benefits many people...our employees buy gifts to give for the holiday season the vendors make money,and struggling employees receive Christmas gifts for their family.

Lets make this year's boutique the best yet!!! Not only so they can help more families during such a hard year, but to create a fun tradition for the community to look forward to in the future!!!

Heritage Schools Annual Boutique
November 3, 2009
5600 N Heritage School Drive
Provo, UT

From I-15
• Take exit 272 (800 NORTH OREM)
• Turn onto 800 N., heading toward the mountains. Stay in right hand lane as you near the mountains.
• Take the US-189 S ramp off 800 North to Provo. This puts you going South on UNIVERSITY
• In about ½ mile you will come to a traffic light - 5200 NORTH (River Park Drive).
Drive about ½ mile more. On the right hand side you will see Utah Community Credit Union. The road
running next to the parking lot is River Run Road (250 WEST).
• Turn RIGHT onto River Run Road (250 W.) - This road curves past some office buildings and a small
park and turns into Heritage School Dr. (which “dead ends” right at Heritage.)
• At Heritage, turn RIGHT into the parking lot and go to the very end of the parking lot. Check in with
the receptionist in the Administration building (building “I”).

And The Prize Is.....
Watchin' Out will be giving away a Changeable Watch/Watchband Set.
This giveaway includes a face of your choice and two bands of your choice (a $45 value). The possibilities are endless! Either pick a band from pre-made designs or design your own. With over 500 different styles of beads to choose from, there is sure to be something that will suit you perfectly! You pick the colors and the size and Watchin' Out will do the rest!

About Watchin' Out:
Watchin' Out is an at home party that you can host and receive free merchandise just for hosting the party. Bins of beads are brought to you. Your friends, family, and you get to pick beads out one by one to create the perfect piece of jewelry. While at the party, you can make bracelets, necklaces, earrings...don't forget the smokin' hot changeable watches. But be careful, it is VERY addicting!!

If you aren't a party goer, you are always welcome to check out the website at and order from there.

Winning is EASY! Just look for the Boutique Frenzy display and The Little Red Box. Fill out the entry form ENTIRELY and drop it in the red hear shaped box! That's all you have to do!!!

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