Monday, June 15, 2009

June15-22 Little Red Box game is ONLINE this Week!

The Boutique Frenzy family is going out of town this weekend, so instead of not giving away a prize this week, we decided to hold the Little Red Box game online.


The prize is.... A Hostess Apron given by Emlyn, creator of Milk Made Baby!

Info about Milk Made Baby:
Emlyn cranks out this sassy stuff when she's not cleaning up after or playing with a "ckaaay sseeeiii" toddler, wasting time (what?!) online, experimenting with recipes and do-it-yourself household upgrades to our tiny little cottage, doing churchy stuff or writing her future bestselling book. Emlyn is a mom, a wife, a piano teacher, a sometime museum, library, craft store and zoo employee and missionary. Of course she's an all-around fun gal (can't you tell by her cool stuff?). She never wears makeup to the grocery store.

After Emlyn had her baby in the summer of 2007, she carried her everywhere in the ring sling she made. She got so many questions about where she got it that the thought struck: I could make these and sell them! Then everyone could affordably and stylishly wear their baby! It took about a year, but after she procured some materials, did a lot of research, got lots of moral support from her mom (who taught me to sew in the first place) and husband, she experimented with several prototypes (thanks friends, for testing my stuff on your babies), and applied for a business license, "Milk Made Baby" was created. Milk Made Baby is your source for nursing covers, ring slings, treasure bags, aprons, and more! Check it out on the following sites:


You get 4 chances!

1)For 1 chance, leave a your name (first and last) example: Missy Eves
2)For another chance, become a fan of Boutique Frenzy. Go to here and then leave a seperate comment with your name again and "Facebook Fan" example: Missy Eves, Facebook Fan
3)For a third chance, become a Follower of our Travelogue Blog page. Go here, to become a Follower and then come back to this page and leave a comment with your name yet again and "Travelogue Follower" example: Missy Eves, Travelogue Follower
4)For another chance, go to The Backyard Boutique at Emlyn's Home on Saturday from 10am to 12pm. When you get home log onto The Little Red Box and go to the bottom to fill out the submission form. Fill it out completely and for the answer, type in what you liked about this boutique, your favorite vendor and what you bought if anything. Submit it and your done! You don't have to leave a comment for this one, the submission form will suffice:)

Here is the flier for the Backyard Boutique at Emlyn's Home

Good Luck!

Thanks Emlyn for the awesome prize!

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  1. Good luck ya'll! Be sure to come to the Boutique. It will be lots of fun. The location is about I-15 and I-80 so is right at the "Crossroads of the West." Click on the invitation image for a larger view.



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